Canadian Dental Regulatory Authorities Federation


Canadian Dental Regulatory Authorities Federation

The Canadian Dental Regulatory Authorities Federation (CDRAF) fosters collaboration, consistency of approach and supports best practices in dental regulation.


About Us

The  Canadian  Dental  Regulatory  Authorities  Federation (CDRAF)  is  a  forum  made up of the provincial  dental  regulatory  authorities  (DRAs). Created in 2004, CDRAF’s core function is to create and maintain a forum for the exchange of information regarding regulatory trends, policy and legislation.

Since  its  inception,  the  CDRAF  has  been successful  on  very important  initiatives  including:

  • ratifying  a  Mutual  Recognition  Agreement  (2009)  for  the  profession  of  dentistry  in  Canada  with  respect   to   general  dentistry  and  dental specialties

  • developing a Memorandum of Understanding (2014) with respect to a uniform Canadian process for the certificate and licensure of internationally trained dental specialists.

  • creating a specialty recognition process

Strategic Initiatives

  • Develop national competency standards for dentists including dental specialists. 

  • Create a model that enables and supports the mandate of the CDRAF

  • Form alliances and partnerships with others to achieve our mission. 

  • Develop regulatory responses to emerging trends in a timely manner. 


Questions about how to become a dentist in Canada?

➤ Contact the National Dental Examining BOard of Canada

Concern or Complaint about a dentist in Canada?

➤ Contact the Dental REGULATORY Authority in your Province